Whole Foods Store Venice California

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Wed, 13/01/2016 - 10:40 -- Jack

This is just an amazing shop. It is expensive but really the best food shop I have ever seen. There is so much vegan food inside. Seems to me prefer vegan food than other food. I mean I have seen all kind of food I have never seen before. You can eat pizza, salads, burritos, all vegan..You can buy shampoo, organic stuff, cleaners.....you name it they have it. 

I went there every day for my burrito. I could not get it enough. And there is sitting area outside and inside where you can sit down and finish your mean. Wonderful experience. There is always space. THe security guys were kind of weird, but still ok experience. 

This is a must place if you stay in Venice California....you can find anything

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