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Top 6 Reasons Why Thai Girl Is A Perfect Girlfriend

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Tue, 18/08/2015 - 18:53 -- Jack

Here are the top 6 reasons why a beautiful Thai girl is a perfect girlfriend

1. Thai girls are usually very polite. I always came across super kind girls. They are soft spoken, their energy is soft and calm, so it calms you down. Later in the relationship they might get rowdy and scream and fight if you do not treat them good. But usually they are so much different from western girls, who are always angry and abusive. 

2. They always offer their help. These girls are so amazingly kind sometimes. They spend hours and hours to help you in anyway. I know a girl who was helping me to find apartment in BKK for hours in the worse heat there is. I almost passed out from the heat and she was still going, she said "come on baby, lets see other apartment, good for you".

3. Amazing family values. Thai girls love their families. I never came across a Thai girl that would hate her parents. There is such a strong admiration and respect. Their mothers are more important that they are. Old people usually never end up in old homes in Thailand. Family almost always take care of them. Also these girls earn their Bahts, and send them back to momma house. And in most cases these girls are very poor, with salary of 10000 BHT per month, that is like 300 USD, With that money you can not do a lot in Bangkok, but still they send money home. This kindness and taking care of their elderly is hard coded in their minds from the childhood. SO much different than western world.

4. Usually they are very thin girls. Honestly they do not eat a lot, because they save money and their salary is very small. So the only choice is street vendor food, where they eat few times per day and still are able to save money. But that benefits us guys. We do not want fat girls. Thai girls usually have perfect bodies with no fat at all. 

5. Thai girls age much slower than western girls. Even girls in their 30s, 40s look very young, while other girls start to fall apart. And they keep their bodies fit and thin in most cases. 

6. They are ready to follow you to the end of the world. I never seen this phenomena in other cultures. But these girls will follow their man to the end of the world. If they love you, they will move anywhere in the world, even in cold places as Finland, Sweden etc. They do not care about their own country Thailand. They just send money back to momma, few times per year and visit her once per year. That is enought for them. 

So here are 6 reasons why you should date Thai girl, if you feel unlucky dating girls from other cultures. 

Top 6 Reasons Why Thai Girl Is A Perfect Girlfriend


Submitted by Kent Andersson (not verified) on
Hi, I am 51 years and locking for a Nice and beautiful Thai girl. Regards Kent

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Submitted by Jack on
I am 40 yo and I dont know how I can help you, but if you stay in Thailand, it is very easy to get a girlfriend

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