Three Temples You Should Definately Visit When In Penang Georgetown Malaysia

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Mon, 04/04/2011 - 03:17 -- Jack
Here are the three temples you should definitely visit when traveling Penang Malaysia. Penang is a cute little town in Georgetown Malaysia, where most of the people go to get a visa extension. Usually people stay 2 days and return to Thailand. Food is good, a lot of curries, but I think Thailand food much healthier. They boil the f out of the food all day. And that is not good. After lunch you feel all tired and food is heavy on stomach. But you should visit these three temples if you come to Penang. First is Snake Temple, where you can see real poisonous snakes in the temple, I am not sure if they are really poisonous or the monks are just making jokes and prevent people from stealing snakes. Second temple is Indian temple, just few meters to the right, then there is a Laos temple on another location, and Thai temple just across the street, any competition between these two? Who knows.... Lol. Here are videos

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