Street Bob Harley Davidson 2014 Honest Review

Street Bob Harley Davidson 2014 Honest Review

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I just say, I always wanted to have  a Harley Davidson. And I finally got it. I had a Sportster one year ago, which I sold. I think it is smart to buy a cheaper used bike like I did just to see if you like Harley.

So now after selling Sportster year 2000, which is sold for more than I bought for, I finally got a bike I wanted for several years. 

I just love the design of Harley Street Bob. It has been pretty much the same from 2007. So that is similar to Porsche, where their designs never change...You do not want to buy a bike, that will be discontinued after few years. 

Street Bob is the design I love the most with Harley Davidson. I hate baggers, street glides. and then sportsters, which are too little. Street bob is very nimble, is handling great, looks great, attracts attention. It has everything you need. 

It is great for short fast rides. And it is also perfect for long rides. You can strap bags on your Street Bob. You do not need a bagger for your bags....And I love the clean look of Harley without the bags, radio, fairing and other crap. 

I hope this review will help you buy Street Bob, which is a perfect bike for cruising or hopping to the nearest shop.