Scrapebox Review - They Stole My Money

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Tue, 13/01/2015 - 07:39 -- Jack

The support from Scrapebox developers is just horrid. I have never experienced something like that. I complained to them about the module for scrapebox called the rank tracker. It did not work on my computer correctly. It is used to track your site's rankings for specific keywords. It did not work at all. 

I know the program was still and still is in beta version 2, but they were so pissed at me. They canceled my subscription for ranktracker module. 

I mentioned my disappointment with this company on BHW forum, where all the spammers and scammers go and try to rank their website way high and spam people with email. Not the best place, but that is the forum where this company deals and answers questions to users of their program. In fact, Scrapebox is a spam program. It is mainly used to scrape search engines, to scrape emails, build spam link in comments, spin articles and create fake useless articles, etc.

I asked them the following:

It is sad people have to ask here technical questions, and licence questions, ONE REASON WHY! Because the support if you send them emails rarely responds...
So I expect that with version 2 of the SB also the support reply will become faster and more frequent.

The explanation from support was the following:

You have been given a full $15 refund for the RankTracker plugin.

They are just basically saying fuck you, we will not deal with you. And I bought the Scrapebox because of that module. And now they rather refund me then take criticism?

They are horrible people. 

The developer of this program is a chick. Her nick on the spam forum BHW is Sweetfunny. Imagine some fat blob sitting behind the computer not taking criticism and you buy her fucking program?

You expect support of some sort. She must have banned a lot of people so that is why people rather ask on the forum where their identity is hidden. 

SWEETFUNNY is a joke. She can't deal with support. She can only barely code, for some reason, and she just rather refunds you than to fix problems. The program is full of bugs. Some fake bullshit chick with her head stuck in a sand. She does not like criticism and to answer support questions. 

There are so many complaints on BHW forum that they do not answer question. And people are rather asking questions on the forum, and THEY BOUGHT THE PROGRAM, then directly through email support. 

The program is not easy to use, that is why you need support and this chick is not giving it. 

Stay away or never ask questions or expect mediocre support. Maybe 30 % of your email answered, maybe. 



  • software sometimes works, it is pretty much useless because spamming comments is not favourable any more in seo, so your site might get penalyzed


  • proxy scraper is useless, you wait hour to check all the proxies and out of few thousands you get one or two that work for few hours
  • support is just horrid, the developer which is of course a woman accused me on public forum abnormal things, she lies a lot
  • if you ask too much questions, they will just refund you rather than help you, so you get only original software without addons, that is why everybody asks rather on BHW forum that directly with email, many people have been banned and money has been stolen from them
  • the software is for pure spammers, and creating a software like that is already bad, but the developer must be a bad person too to allow this to happen, and allow people spamming websites 






And another post on BHW showing how great their support is

You have been refunded multiple times, and been told we will not be providing you with any further software. However you keep re-purchasing, so we have sent the details of this to our accounts manager at PayPal to have you blocked.

Again, please look elsewhere for a RankTracker and stop continually trying to hijack this thread as the BHW mods have already deleted a bunch of your posts.

Of course that is not true, because payment went through and I am still without that plugin. 

UPDATE 14th January 2015

They completely disabled my software, so they stole not only 15 usd but also 57 usd of original software price. 

THe screenshot is attached

scrapebox stole my money


Submitted by greg (not verified) on
I had similar problem with them, very bad support, 1 out of 10 emails get answered. Horrible....

Submitted by Gorillabob (not verified) on
I have similar problem, never answered my emals, explanation was, I took too much time to answer fucking horrible support

Submitted by ronnie (not verified) on
the support from scrapbox is something I have never experienced before, it is just awful, no replies from customer service, I had to send them 10 emails to finally get an answer what else you expect from people who create spam program

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I fucking hate that sweetfunny, what a cunt, she is the programer who made the scrapebox, what a cunt, she never answers my questions, fuck you sweetfunny cunt

Submitted by brenda (not verified) on
they stole my money too, no replies, no support, they just took my money and I never got my software running, scam company, stay away

Submitted by Bob (not verified) on
For the price of $57 lifetime you don't expect to get the best support can you? You are not paying monthly to them and you should be glad support even exists for that low price. Even 97 is not a bad amount for this great software. Secondly to help people out with product, they have created numerous videos online third the version 2 beta is just badass, vesion 1 was already so good and they now fixed up server side proxy so that you don't need another proxy harvester software. Version 1 proxy harvester was slow as hell i agree. Lastly it depends on how use the software, if you go around spamming with it it's blackhat you have to buy a linkguilder like gsa-ser and sort your scrape for high pr and do good link building, you can also find competitor backlinks, do google citation and so much with this if you research. Just wanted to contribute my two cents.. but im guessing this is a paid site to defame scaprbox so probably my comment will be deleted by moderator.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
scrapebox sucks, they charged my paypal twice after I paid for scrapebox, I dont know how could that happen. They are big scammers

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Do not spend a penny on this program, they never answer any questions, and if you ask too much, they will just block your account, like they did to this guy, there are fre version floating around about this program, the developer is a psycho

Submitted by Lucas (not verified) on
Scrapebox is probably someone's little side project and they hire some $5 an hour person to respond. Don't expect any customer service or tech support from them.

Submitted by seola (not verified) on
They banned me and stole my 67 usd. I could not do anything because paypal said I bought it 1 year ago. I hope you shove my money in your Australian ass you nasty bitch Sweetfunny. I hope your company Scraped Media Pty crashes to the ground...

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