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PACKAGE 1 - 2 hour call coaching

With this package you get one call that can be up to 2 hours long. We can use skype or I can call you or your landline phone if the costs are not too big. 

You will be able to learn different techniques how to make money. You will be able to ask whatever you want to learn and I will teach you. 

PACKAGE 2 - 1 week coaching

In this package you get 4 calls, unlimited emails, calls are not timed. You will learn many different ways how I make money. I will direct you how to get the knowledge and how to start earning big. 

PACKAGE 3 - 1 month coaching

This is the ultimate coaching package. With this package you will have 12 unlimited calls, unlimited emails, skype chats. You will be able to borrow dvds that I used to learn my skills how to make money.

Also this is advanced course and in this course you will learn everything I know. 

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