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Nara Restaurant Bangkok Central World

Nara Restaurant Bangkok Central World

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Food Taste: 
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Food Cleanliness: 
Value For Money: 
Cost For 1 Person: 
10 USD for one dog dinner plate
Would You Come Back: 

So I visited this restaurant today. I wanted to test it out. It had a good vibe if you look at it from outside. The restaurant is kind of posh. You can take your girlfriend here and have a good candle kind of date. But order 3 meals for each to fill your stomach. I thought wow; this is a pleasant place. Then the disappointments start coming. First, the staff was always hurrying. Like they are sprinting over hurdles and not serving in a posh wanna to be restaurant. I ordered water bottle, and they bring you this cheap glass imitation bottle. What a disgrace. It looks like glass bottle, but is, in fact, made out of plastic. The staff acted weird. One girl was so nervous and sprinting all over the place. And when you finished the meal, I had a European Chinese restaurant deja vu. They have to jump in and take a plate away immediately. Like the idiots are watching you from behind and waiting until you finish the plate and sprint over to remove the plate. I thought this annoying habit only happened in Chinese restaurants in Europe. 

However, no, I was surprised. I guess the staff gets bonuses if they bring the plates back immediately after you put down your chopsticks. 
And another thing, I asked for chopsticks and the guy from staff bring me like old wooden chopsticks that were used before. Disgusting. They could buy new chopsticks and not wash them each time FOR GOD SAKE!  NARA RESTAURANT wants to be posh, but is only a joke. 
And the food is just funny. I ordered a vegetarian curry, and they bring me this plate that looked like a dog's dinner. It tasted like nothing special. Well, it was not bad, but it was not like you would expect from a place like this. IT tasted like the cook would just take the curry bag from a supermarket, add some tofu and dump it on my plate. It looked like a hot mess!
And it was overpriced. They even charge you service charge 10%, I don't see this often. The portion was super small. I have never come across the restaurant in Bangkok that would serve a few spoons of dinner on a plate. You cannot  get full by this!
My advice is to just leave Nara restaurant out of sight and do not visit it. You have other choices in Bangkok. Wake up and smell the roses Nara Thai Dining "restaurant" Bangkok. I am attaching few images from the restaurant. 
NARA THAI CUISINE can be found on top floor of central world bangkok, near the cinema. You will not miss it. It looks like a Hansel and Grettel cottage.