My Office Days Were Short And Boring - Quit Today And Travel The World

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Mon, 26/03/2012 - 17:08 -- Jack

I still remember when I was sitting in the office, it was some kind of insurance office from Hungary. It had a branch in our country. And I graduated and got this boring job after I got fired from the first boring job. Let me tell you folks, this job was depressing. Waking up every morning at 7 am, driving to work, going back home and 3 pm or 4 pm to impress the boss.

The boss was a woman. She was really nice. However, the staff was fucking evil. Especially fat slob of a woman sitting in the same office across my desk. I had to look at that fat bitch every day. Omg she had a bad attitude. She was aggressive and when we went to meetings, I had to pinch my right leg STRONG to prevent myself from laughing.

She was so clumsy and fat, and customer was just acting weird. I just started to laugh uncontrollably. OMG that was so embarrassing. I could not take it. She was funny. And the customer was like, WTF, why is this guy laughing. I did not know hot to manage my uncontrollable giggling, so I pinched myself in my leg to experience strong pain and forget about the whole thing. Jeez, one time the customer was an old bloke with a cane, he owned the TV network, or cable network, so we try to sell him some insurance or something, I can't remember. I started to laugh again. I think the reason were my weed days. I just got messed up on weed and start laughing all the time.

It is perfect for social interactions, dating, party, but not for work. So I quit from that miserable job after being there for six months. I started doing seo on my site, got to PR7 and was selling links 100 usd per link. I was selling few products of mine also, e-books. My hobby knowledge packed into a book. And I just left. First, I traveled Europe, stayed in Budapest few months, then split to London.

I stayed in Italy too, Croatia over the summer. Then I just figured it out. I need to go to Thailand, Asia, that is what I need to do. Because all states in Europe are the same, same people, freezing cold weather, boring stuff to do. So I split and never looked back! Being a freelancer was the best thing that happened to me. And I earn enough for luxurious life here in Asia.

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