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Tue, 08/01/2013 - 06:22 -- Jack is my favorite new premium account. I use only this one for downloading stuff. You can find almost anything that has links to download. Also links work with same account.

I mean downloading is a breeze. I was tired of non working zevera, that was selling promising downloading from over 40 premium accounts and in fact none of them worked, because these companies always gave them limit.

I mean who is stupid enough to sell the service for fraction of a costs, like zevera is doing.But lets stop talking about crappy zevera. is fast, reliable, and the company is based in Germany. German stuff just works. I ordered premium for 6 months, I paid 40 eur.

First I tested it for 1 month and everything was fine,. I decided to pay for 4 months to get 2 months for free.

After testing it for over 5 months, I must say that the account is the only premium account I need. I can download everything I want with it. The speed maxed out on my adsl connection. I get 500 kb/s.

The only glitch I see is that when you download with IDM the connection sometimes stops at around 98%, 99% and never finishes. 

In that case you need to refresh download address and resume download. That happens if you download a lot of files at the same time. 

I think this is the best premium account out there. You see they use protection I think, that is why it stops at 99%. With Zevera you are in deep trouble, because you will never be able to finish it. And that is why the Zevera is scam. 

But with, you can always resume the file. 






  • very fast download
  • very easy download of all links from and also
  • you can use program IDM to continue download if it gets interrupted
  • never get any limit in downloading, I only got notice twice in 6 months that I downloaded too much and that I have to wait some time, after one hour I could download again, but I downloaded like 40 gigs that day of files, usually I download each day 5-10 GB of files on average, so I would say there is no real maximum download limit


  • the only thing that is worrying me is that I got 1 commision in 1 year since I am promoting, only ONE!!!! Many people visit this page so I wonder did only one person signup? Seems unbeleivable to me, but at the same time I wonder why so little people signup, just strange

IF YOU LIKE MY REVIEW PLEASE ORDER THE UPLOADED ACCOUNT THROUGH CLICKING ON THIS PICTURE BELOW. It will take you directly to order page. I haven't earned not even one commission yet. But I really wanted to give you a fair honest review.

Please report back to me if you bought it through my affiliate link so I can check if they really pay out commisions, in 1 year I earned only 1 commision of 7 usd.

Also if you order through my site you will get free e-book where you will learn how to download and find stuff. I will not go into details here because of legal matters so lets leave it by that. You will also get my free ebook, how to rack 10000 per month.

Click here to buy it and get free ebook and also help me earn commision that is 7 usd


I have been using it now over 1 year with no problem. I download a lot of stuff and I only hit the max few times in the year. That happens if you download like 40 gb per day. Then I waited like 1 hour and the limit was disabled automatically. 

It is just amazing service with no errors, hiccups and is used on many sites to download stuff. It did not make me rich, I got one commission in over 1 year, so I wonder if they trick people or not. Maybe they just don't care for affiliates. So if you are buying this service, please buy it through my link so I can see if I get any commission, if not I will blog about it here on my site. premium account



This company went to shitter obviously.......they dont allow to download stuff anymore.......

And I cant cash out, I have 290 eur there and I cant cash out for more than over 6 months now....they make excuses and shit.....

fucking assholes   uPLOADED SUCKS....never buy from them


Submitted by astrid (not verified) on for downloads? Give me a break! They limit your downloads drastically. Never again!

Submitted by Landak Cemong (not verified) on
This is one of the crappiest file sharing sites ever, just one notch below Rapidshare. Let see, no resume support, no multi download, enter captcha first only to find out the you have to wait 3 hours (yes! 3 hours) just to download a few KB file. The first 2 maybe I can forgive, but the last one is just retarded. Why don't notify the user first that file is unavailable before entering captcha? Do you think people enjoys entering captcha? And wait for 3 hours between download? This maybe the longest time in any file sharing sites ever

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It was stated that a "premium" account was being used and not a free account. from what you've described you're clearly talking about a free account.

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Submitted by Jack on
Guys what do you talk about, I use premium account, yes with free you need captcha and it sucks! Buy premium, I use uploaded now for like 2 years, it works super nice, never had any problems. The company is from Switzerland and it works. Otherwise I would not promote it. Zevera is crap so I advice using uploaded instead...

Submitted by Marc Mitchell (not verified) on
I joined yesterday and my login details never worked once. I requested a new password. Same thing. Emailed them. No reply. Phoned the US phone number - continually busy. Absolute bunch of wankers! I was stupid enough to buy a 3-month subscription and it looks like I've lost the lot. I just wish they were some way I could completely screw them up for this!

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Submitted by Jack on
dude, are you sure you registered on I would not advertise some junk like Zevera, honestly it works so good for many people. Maybe just a glitch with your spam email folder? YOu will get it fixed 100%. If not let me know....

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if you want to download free "", register to "Downloader.Guru" Multihoster Site, you 'll get some GBs traffic for free!!

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