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MK Restaurant Bangkok Thailand

MK Restaurant Bangkok Thailand

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Food Taste: 
Food Presentation: 
Staff Friendliness: 
Place Cleanliness: 
Food Cleanliness: 
Value For Money: 
Cost For 1 Person: 
$5 including ice cream - different prices but very affordable
Would You Come Back: 

This is a very famous restaurant chain, same as McDonalds, but much more healthier. This is what people needs, healthy food slowly boiling and cooking at your table. I always take veggies and boil them slowly and then dip them into suki sauce. That sauce is just fantastic. I liek this restaurant a lot. I go there many times. You can select many items from menu, for me, the selection is steep, because they have a lot of fish, sushi, meat, that I do not eat. 

If you would open the restaurant like that in Europe, it would be a hit I think. Very clean, high quality of food.

Below are some pictures of what I eat, yes I eat veggies. It is a great dish. Don't forget to try sesame icecream, is it amazing!!