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Market Samurai For Free for ever? No BS

Jack's picture
Fri, 23/12/2011 - 13:19 -- Jack

Here is how you use market samurai for free forever. 

My method will help you to get market samurai free without losing your data. This will also help the people that are not able to get the 40 days trial extensions because there is no activation emailed to you.

So here goes.

Tools needed: None

Step 1: Clear your cookies

IE: Options -> General -> Delete Browsing History, choose cookies.
FireFox: Right click on Market Samurai's website. View Info - > Securities -> View Cookies -> Remove Cookies
Chrome: Settings -> Options -> Under the hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Delete Cookies

If you have chosen Ed Dale Challenge before, you might not need to clear cookies (someone need to confirm this)

Step 2: Register your trial using a new email account and choose Ed Dale challenge at How did you hear about Market Samurai.


If you are unable to see How Did you hear about Market Samurai, you need to clear your cookies.

Step 3: Delete the activation key inside your computer.

Win 7: 
C:\Users\[account name]\AppData\Roaming\MarketSamurai.[a bunch of numbers]\Local Store

Win XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\[account name]\Application Data\MarketSamurai.[a bunch of numbers]\Local Store

Delete activation.key

If you are not able to see folders like AppData, press alt->tools->folder options->view->show hidden files and click ok.

Step 4: Open up market samurai and enter the new registration that you got. If 40 days expired, repeat from Step 1.

Step 5: Enjoy.

Side Note:
You will be able to see the number of trial days you get at the bottom of the internet browser right after you register.


Use disposable email sites to get new registration for market samurai!!

Happy Holidays


Are you sure, it will work? I got a trial period of 7 days, then I will try your method. If it works well, then I will not forget to appreciate your idea :) Thank you!

Submitted by invest money uk (not verified) on
Hi, I test it. I did it before ending my trial time. Now it is showing update trial time :) Great !!! Find me at- Facebook: afsper Twitter: @afsarpervez

Submitted by Zeeshan315 (not verified) on
hey, bro! i'm not getting this way. C:\Users\[account name]\AppData\Roaming\MarketSamurai.[a bunch of numbers]\Local Store please help me to find it. when i go into users in C, after that there is no option of account name or AppData. please help me, Note: i installed market samurai in local disk D. please help me. i would appreciate this.

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