Making Money Online With List Building – How To Build A Subscriber List

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You must have heard the phrase: money is in the list! This is a wonderful way to start making money online. It can be an automatic process this can bring you money to your PayPal on a daily basis. You need to build a huge e-mail subscriber's list.

When you have the list of 1000 subscribers, For example, you can start sending them e-mails. By creating a sales page, you direct the traffic from the list and earn money. You need to find something that you're good at. This might be your hobby, the stuff that you studied in the University, your expertise knowledge, your professional skills, etc.

Usually, the most people that I know make money by selling e-books, tutorial DVDs, instructional videos. You have to find something that you think it would be of any value to other people. Try to become them and ask yourself if this is something they would be interested to buy. If yes, proceed to the next step where you test the product.

You can easily build small WordPress blog or a blogger page on Google. You can fill the page with content and keywords and wait for the traffic. Then you can measure the ratio between traffic and sales. You have to install some kind of traffic meter like Google analytics, for example, and properly test your product. You can also buy some Google ad words traffic.

When your test phase is finished you can start collecting e-mails. We can do that by installing the subscriber form on the website. Offer your visitor a freebie of some kind, If they leave you their e-mail. You can give away free e-books, free tips , etc if they subscribe to your list.

Advertise your site in different forums and mention your freebies.

After you have got few hundred subscribers can start sending e-mails and newsletters. In your emails, you can mention your product and direct them to your sales page where they're able to buy your product service. A good alternative is finding a click bank product and use that on your sales page.


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I am preparing my first newsletter list. Thank you for this. It helps.

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