Make Money Online - Rack At Least $10000 Per Month From Dentists

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Thu, 26/01/2012 - 23:56 -- Jack
This is a perfect technique for making money online. You should focus on the rich niche for example, doctors or dentists or lawyers. They have lots of money. 
This technique involves a local search. I'm going to show you a real-life example.  In this example I'm using local dentists. Why am I using local dentists for making money online? Because they are filthy rich. You can use other businesses like lawyers, etc.
The first step is to buy loads of domains. I bought  around 50 domains. For example, you can buy a domain like
Then you have to build few websites. Usually people use WordPress. You can even use Dreamweaver templates for making new site.
Pure HTML sites rank better than the database driven websites because they open faster, and Google prefers that.
Then you start writing an article with 200 words on the page and feel the text with keywords like dentists Culver City, dentist Venice beach, etc.
Focus on one keyword per page. Use the keywords in title tags and body text. You should use your keywords up to four times in the body text.
Start building incoming links. You can check websites like fiverr for a few link blasts, link circles, director submissions etc. you can buy a package of few hundred incoming links with the keyword anchor text Culver City dentist.
Use only local keywords. For example, you cannot use dentist Los Angeles because the competition will crash you. Use local keywords like Culver City dentist, Culver City implantologist….
Choose the term that you can easily rank for. We search with Google's keywords and check the competition filters and popularity.
When your website starts to rank in top 10 Google's results, you can get a least of local dentists from dentist directory, Google's maps, etc. And then pick up the phone and start calling the dentist’s office and start making money online.
For targeted keywords like Culver City dentist, you get 10 to 20 hits per day if you are on page 1 in Google. That is not a lot, but that is highly targeted traffic. Most of these people are potential customers. And dentist charges a lot of money so each customer is a potential gold mine.
When you talk to the dentist over the phone telling him that you would charge them only $400 per month to put a link on your site and that could bring them at least $20,000 per month extra profit. They love your idea and they sign up. Then I put their details on my website and move onto the next dentist.
When I signed up at least three dentists, I move to another location. I don't want to have too many dentists on one website. Only one website brings me $1200 per month.
If you have 15 websites like that you can learn at least $10,000 per month or more online.
What you might also want to do is get people to mention your site when they speak to the dentist to show the dentist you are actually bringing them in decent leads. So here is my technique how to make money online with dentists. 
p.s. in the picture below I am holding a real human skull. My friend dentist has it in his office.
make money online with dentists


This idea sounds brilliant. The hardest part is to get your site to rank high on google in the first place. That would take a while. If there is a short cut, let me know.

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