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Sat, 28/01/2012 - 15:47 -- Jack

My goals in 2012 is to travel around the world and make even more money that I did this year. I want to visit Brazil and Mexico this year. I have never been in South America. I just cannot imagine how good it is walking around the Mexico City, tasting the authentic Mexican food, talking with Mexican people and just feel the new experience of a new country.

And then there is Brazil. I will not visit Rio de Janeiro because it is very dangerous. That is what I've heard. I'm looking forward to traveling this year and make even more money. I have so many marketing DVDs that I need to study this year and improve my marketing skills. I need to increase my conversions on landing pages, I need to get a higher opt in rate, get more subscribers to my newsletters, etc.
It is going to be an interesting year. All of my friends are working in offices. Nobody that I know from my childhood is doing what I am doing. This lifestyle is something special. The life is too short you need to explore the world. You need to do what your soul wants to do.
I just could not work in that office and take the pressure from boss, and not having any free time. I was highly depressed person because I could not do what I want to do. I could not relax I could not sleep late. I could not go to the beach everyday. Everyday was a nightmare. Getting up at seven o'clock in the morning and getting home in the evening. That is not my lifestyle.
I need to focus this year on up-sales, link building, design, and study new marketing techniques. Right now I'm using Dragon recognition software to dictate this text. Even though I come from the small European country the Dragon is pretty good at recognizing my voice, but I have to talk slowly. However, this program allows me to write more content than before.
I used to use a regular mic on my headset, but now I bought a Samson mic and Dragon just loves it. The recognition percentage jumped drastically improved. 


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