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Thu, 16/02/2012 - 00:18 -- Jack

This company is super stupid. They are from Russia. They want to take over the share of the market after some hosts were closed, like Fileserve, Filesonic, etc. I purchased account 14 days ago and Have been downloading for 14 days. The speed was ok, cool stuff. However, now after two weeks my account kind of expired.

I asked them four times in email, why that happened. I did not receive any reply whatsoever. I paid for full month, and they gave me 14 days.

And no support whatsoever. I advise you to keep away from, because it is scam.

Try another sharing host and keep away from I am posting some proof. I never uploaded any files, only downloaded few. 



Submitted by Tim (not verified) on
Most of these new file hosting sites are scams. They come up with fake error messages, in order to force you to give away money for "Premium". Even if you do pay for Premium, the quality of service would rarely get better. MediaFire is the only legitimate file hoster left, to be honest.

Guys, we now really need to stay away from the russian filehosters, as shortly after Paypal has done a clean up exercise - Banning almost all popular Non-US filehosting companies from accepting payments - they've gone into = "grab all the money we can, while we can" mode. They are starting to use the dirty tricks of asking you to update your payment method and when accepting - your account is gone ... Not responding to any support requests or e-mails to support. Beware !!!! As they say in Belgium > :) companies affected (that we know of) (and .com) ( (and .com) and many more - seems a bit like the maffia :) I guess if they use .net and have a .com - you better stay away ;) Hope I help some people not get tricked like me ... Matt

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on
I never heard of turbobit before. I own my own company web site. got an email saying i was registered on turbo bit here is your id and password... the red flag was the password was a password I use in private on a business website. there is no way i gave them this password, I have no idea how they got it. I never heard or been on turbobit until i got email saying i was now registered.... never had any site get one of my real passwords before,,, I plan to change all passwords I use now.

Submitted by Danny (not verified) on
I disagree with all of you guys giving Turbobit a bad rep. Has been great for me. And the one time I chose to contact customer service they were right there for me.

Submitted by Cris (not verified) on
It's not just scam, if you give them your data they will try to steal money from your card. It happened to me but they didn't suceeed just because I've got a security code and I didn't give my phone number (but they try to catch it with a special offer if you give it to you). So beware! It's not scam, it's fraud!

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