Just Made 1000 Bucks In 24 Hours Without Moving A Finger

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Sun, 19/02/2012 - 03:39 -- Jack

Well I lied a bit. I did move a finger. When I open my PayPal account and created invoice, when I chatted with my outsource team, and when I chatted with my client over the Skype.

Well here is the trick. It would take me probably one week to finish the job and earn $1200, but I rather swam on the beach all day and earned $1000. It is not easy to find your outsource team. It took me a while to find the correct team. Because many people claim they are experts, and in fact, they are total beginners. So you need to know how to pick a flower from weed. And that requires a lot of testing and research, and of course you need to be an expert of specific niche.

The best way is to just let the outsourcers contact you themselves. You just create a page, filled with targeted keywords that mention your work, let's say some Photoshop work, and then the outsourcers will contact you on their own. That is what happens to me. I didn't look for them anywhere.

So this is how you make money. You have to know your niche, let's say you're a Photoshop expert. Then you put some samples on your website, optimize the page for specific keywords, create a good-looking landing page, make it look really professional, no all the marketing tricks, double opt in your customers, and just start sending e-mails with your offer.

The goal is to become an expert not only in web design, but also in marketing. You have to know everything that needs to be done. You need to have all the skills for your niche. That way, you will be able to train or select the best outsourcing team.

So I just made $1000 in 24 hours without moving my finger practically. This is the magic of making money and relaxing.

Contact me if you want to make money like I do, without moving a finger. I can train you in coach you until you become an  online money-making  expert.


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