I just made 4987 USD this month only in paypal! - VIDEO PROOF!

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Fri, 23/09/2011 - 00:23 -- Jack

I just made a lot of money this month. I can live like 6 months here in Thailand with this money. But of course I am not a lazy person. I WILL RECORD MY PAYPAL for all the sceptics. My goal is to bank each month at least 10k in paypal. I have been in online business for 8 years, so join my list, you will learn from a master. I am going to Cambodia and Vietnam soon, then flying to Brasil and Mexico, I have never been there, something inside of me tells me to have to go to Mexico and try their food. I think it is really good, I loved mexican restaurants but I want to try the real thing. So going soon, will update this site soon, post some new videos...... Google is apparently blocking this site because of the domain make money. Such BS. Google sucks. I dont get the traffic I deserve. I kind of stopped doing off site SEO, because usually I get decent traffic by optimizing onsite seo.


I am attaching youtube video where i recorded my paypal screen. I got $5000 in one month only in paypal. Because of many affiliates don't use paypal, i can not show you that too. Total, including checks and bank transfers I made over $14000


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