How To Make Money Online

Sat, 19/03/2011 - 03:38 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Well you need to create your own products. That could be ebooks, videos, dvds..... The best way is to make money is to have a very specific product. Try to target expensive niche, where people are loaded with money. Then you just simply start to build your email list, and blast your offers away. It is good you learn how to create proper newsletter, that will make your costumers buy your products.

Never lie, your costumers will figure it out. For example I was describing my story how I live to other people in my country, and I got some really bad replies, like delete me from your list, this is bullshit you are lying.

Then I posted 2 videos and I got 10 sales. 500 Eur in 1 day. Before people were skeptical to buy my products. I only posted text and added pictures. But after I posted videos, my sales skyrocketed.

You tube rocks. Much better then images. Video is more personal and interesting for your costumers.

So get a product, get many products and start building a list. I will write about this later. See ya.

how to make money online

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