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Hi guys, I was kind of ok with the downloading for a while, that was 1 year ago, but now everything is so limited. I tested several accounts they claim they support. But only 1 works, most of them does not work at all. 

I MEAN HOW THEY CAN LIE THEY SUPPORT OVER 30 DIFFERENT PREMIUM ACCOUNTS, IT IS JUST A LIE. The downloading dont even start. They just want your money. 

And they will never return your money. Once you pay and find out it does not work, it is done, they will never give you a refund.

Also affiliate is rubbish, I am almost 100% that they cheated me. I have numerous hits each day for Zevera and I got only 3 commissions of 3 usd, but they were all in 1 week. Nobody bought the zevera account through me in the following few months that I promoted this crap. It is not believable. I am sure they scammed me big time.


It is true, that Zevera has an agreement with different hosters that allow only a set number of GB to be downloaded. However, usually you can download after few hours if currently you get error download.
Because the limit is reset every 24 hours.


What I use is IDM – internet download manager, which is just perfect for me.
And of course, rapidlink exchanger, you can find it on homepage. Picture is below.

Rapid link exchanger just sits in your tray and converts all the links to Zevera ready links so you can download them.
Then start IDM and click on the option below.

You should choose same movie links from different hoster, just copy and paste bunch of them, and you can see which hoster works and you can download the files.

For each file, I always find the hoster that works. It never happened that  I was not able to download a file.
Usually the netload always works, also uploading in many cases. Turbobit is a lazy bastard. It works like in 20% of times.
So here it is folks, Zevera tutorial.

Here is the proof I can download files.

zevera download for free



Submitted by sandra (not verified) on
I just signed up, thank you for the tips, i am sick of turbobit

Submitted by Ray (not verified) on
I have always used IDm to download Zevera links until maybe two weeks ago, seems like the links are always erroring out although they are good links that work if you download via the browser. Any others seeing the same issues with IDM that I have seen??

Submitted by Beatrice (not verified) on
On my second month, may work the first day, but start downloading a few files and all bets are off. Not sure what happened to the previous comments on this site, which were unimpressive. It is often that Zevera posts a positive review after they read negative reviews at a site. Usually, oh what a wonderful site....! My recent experience is that the service barely works, many mainstream hosters are not supported or rarely come on-line. Start a download and it disconnects, almost always.They do not show you the hoster status (and terms) until your signed up, the hoster status uses red and green buttons to note status. Looked like I was looking down 50 blocks of streets, almost all had red lights. Look, if it is too good to be true, it is probably a lie.

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Submitted by Jack on
I signed up again this month, barely any download completes. They stop at 99% and never finish. And the support is non existent. I think the boss is a woman from Hungary, that is why, the company is going to shitter. Just my opinion. I am not promoting something that does not work. It used to work before very good, but now, just a horrid experience.

Submitted by Robby (not verified) on
Yo...STFU. You tick me off with your stupidity. Now dont listen to this dumbass rant about zevera being fake. Its LEGIT. By far the best Filehost website out there. Why pay individually when you can pay for 1 and get many file host websites under your belt. This kid has no idea of what he is talking about....just listen to him rant about them cheating him! And if they did....good for them. Weak Ass Punk Ass Bitch Ass Nigga Wanna Be MoFo like you deserve a pounding. AND NO.... im not talking about them anally raping you and you LIKING IT! .... yeah you know what I mean. U liked it BiTcH! I hate little fag ass bitches that are computer illiterate. Why pick up the mouse and keyboard if you dont know what you doing. Go to gradeschool and learn the alphabet again BITCH. First and foremost, JetDownloader does not work for me. IDM...better known as Internet Download Manager does. Just get the cracked can download it with the trial version of IDM. Thats too funny cracking a program and downloading it with the same application. Now after you get the retail are good as GolD. Just read the forums on how to set up your IDM. Next, some file hosting websites will be offline at times, however the bigger names like Rapidgator, Uploaded, Netload, FileFactory will NEVER have that problem. On the occassion you will get offline message. Just use a good search like to get a variety of links to download from. It is an amazaing application for the price of 1. I recommend to all amateurs and experts, either way, its fast, easy, cheap, EXCELLENT. Dont listen to fag's like the lozer above

I am thankful to you but I am planning to shift from IDM to other download Manager, but no other download manager could come as satisfactory as IDM??

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