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This is just an amazing shop. It is expensive but really the best food shop I have ever seen. There is so much vegan food inside. Seems to me prefer vegan food than other food. I mean I have seen all kind of food I have never seen before. You can eat pizza, salads, burritos, all vegan..You can buy shampoo, organic stuff, name it they have it. 

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Wow today I was woken up by a police helicopter circling right above my house in Venice Los Angeles California. What a day. I dont know if I should be excited ot scared. There were recently 2 major murders in Venice, few weeks ago. First was the crazy homeless person with a knife, who was shot by policeman near my home. Then there was another murder, where crazy person was carrying big knife and was shot too. In fact that happened few steps from my home!!

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This is my last day in Brazil. I haven't gone to Rio de Janeiro at all, only the first day after I waited for a plane to Brazil's capital Brasilia. I have stayed in Brazil almost one year. 11 and half month to be exact. Brazil is different country, different culture. I was thinking hey Brazil is close to Mexico. They must have  burrito stands all over the place and Mexican food. You wish. I think Brazilians are too proud people. And that is so stupid. They have high import taxes, over 40%.

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I was just talking with my friends and we were discussing how to make more money online. I have a lot of websites that bring me money each month. I have few websites from health niche; some websites are focused on web design, Photoshop skills.

But we have researched and find out that the health niche is probably the best one. Everybody is concerned about their body, losing weight, fitness, exercise, health and I have never dabbled into the weight loss niche. I have built few websites in weight loss niche for other people  but did not get any reply from my customers.

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This happened for the second time in the month that I stayed in this small city called Pattaya. First, there was a storm, with new rain, and then the electric and water was just cut off.

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I just recorded this video today where you can see how to open durian fruit, some call it the king of all fruits. It tastes quite good. It does not smell at all. It has a specific smell, some say it smells like old socks, but that is just not true. Maybe they ate old durian, that was rotten inside.  


Durian, in fact, smells very nice, and it tasted good too. I used to eat it everyday. However, it kind of gets boring. Many Thai people eat it regularly. It is high caloric fruit, and some say, it can be dangerous if consumed in large quantities.  

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Guava Thai, watch your teeth
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acupuncture bangkok

Two months ago I came across the acupuncture clinic in Bangkok Thailand. Immediately, I had to try out how the treatment works. So I went to the Chinese hospital in Bangkok. I have never seen a hospital like that my life. Each floor has its own Chinese doctors who practice Chinese medicine.

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