Harley-Davidson Street Bob 2014 custom bike

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Wed, 28/09/2016 - 16:51 -- Jack

Basically I drive this bike almost every day, is the best experience of my life. There's something about Harley-Davidson that just mind boggles me. First of all, it looks bad ass, second the brand Harley-Davidson is the coolest brand in the world. Harley-Davidson can be compared to Japanese bikes, like Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, etc. Harley-Davidson is just another level compared to other bikes. It gives you that bad boy image, it has specific sound that either makes you crazy or fall in love with Harley-Davidson.

I got it for like a very cheap price. It's a German bike and the guy who sold it to me gave me a best deal off my life. I had to drive 11 hours with a van to drive this bike back home. So that's almost 24 hours. But it was worth it. The bike is very solid, there are no plastic parts on it, and the bike was already tricked out, custom exhaust, custom 18 inch handlebars, wide tire conversion, custom air filter, forward foot controls, and a lot of custom chrome parts that I adore. Many people customize their Harley-Davidson Street Bob's all-black, but I love chrome parts, especially the chrome exhaust is my favorite thing.

This is the bike that you can have for years, because this model never gets old. Harley-Davidson has been making this model Street Bob from 2006, and not many things have changed. That is another reason why I love Street Bob Harley-Davidson. It's a timeless bike. I hate baggers because they're weird looking, heavy and slow. I needed something that was still carry a Harley-Davidson brand, and it would be fast, light, great looking bike.

Here is my Harley-Davidson Street Bob bike, enjoy:



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