Harley-Davidson bike week Faaker See 2016

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Wed, 28/09/2016 - 17:10 -- Jack

Faaker See Harley-Davidson bike week was the first Harley-Davidson meeting that I attend in my life. And even though it's not Harley-Davidson Daytona, or Harley-Davidson Sturgis meeting, it was still a blast. I have never seen so many Harley-Davidson bikes in my life. There must've been few thousand Harley-Davidson motorbikes that came from all Europe. It was a two hour car ride, but I was not disappointed. There were so many things you could see. Especially custom Harley-Davidson bikes, parties, live bands. The cover bands were great, they were not the real deal, but still they were amazing. And the people, we all share the same love for Harley-Davidson. What I love about this meeting, and in general Harley-Davidson meetings, that not only the young people are driving Harley-Davidson bikes. You could see people in their seventies driving their hogs down the streets of Faaker See.

In the scenery was amazing. The whole bike week took place near the Austrian lake. Roads around the lake were closed for the cars. Only the bikes and people on foot were allowed. And the bikers were driving around all day and night. There's a lot of things you could do in Faaker See, the scenery is pristine and really beautiful. Their other lakes nearby where you can camp in Swim and enjoy the summer.

There's also a beautiful castle nearby, that I will visit the next time I visit this place. There were not many hot chicks around, that is the only negative thing I could find. Everything else was perfect. People were nice, the locals, especially, they were cheering the bikers passing by, you did not see any grumpy old nervous people, that were allergic to Harley-Davidson specific loud sound. No, that did not happen, even the locals were in love in Harley-Davidson.

I stayed there three days, but next time I will probably stay seven days. I'm still afraid to drive there with my Harley-Davidson Street Bob, because it's very far to drive, and I'm afraid that something would happen to my bike. Like somebody would scratch it, or damage it, there like thousands bikes there so I was afraid that heaven accidents.

If you like Harley-Davidson bikes, party, great people, lots of custom bikes, lots of shops with all kind of motorbike products, then Faaker See is the place to be. I will be there next year. I already made a plan and I will be camping by the lake nearby. You could swim during the day in pristine natural lake, and at night you can go to nearby Faaker See to party and have a good time. See you next year. Enjoy the video and pictures.



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