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Thu, 29/12/2011 - 19:17 -- Jack

I know few hundreds techniques of making money online from home, hotel, beach, whatever you prefer. I prefer balcony overlooking some tropic beach. However, that is just me.

So here it goes, the many pirate sites are cheap, but they are unable  to get over one big TOPIC, SEX.  From my experience, pirates  PAY on a higher consistency than the average online porn surfer. This means much higher conversion rates, with a huge and undiscovered pirate market.

Here is how you do it:

Step 1:
Get (or download) few dating guides (e-books/videos/seminars) online. It's best to get guides that focus on "getting laid/dates on internet online via dating sites". Read them and shorten them into an e-book that is less than five pages long. If they e-book is too long, it will decrease your conversion rates.

Step 2: 
Rewrite the ebook and  mention the online dating sites that seem to work best for your methods. Add 2 affiliates dating sites, that have the highest conversions  in the beginning and end of the e-book (more about which dating site to choose at the bottom of this guide).

You should not submit your ebooks with titles like "How to get laid online" or "How to find horny women on internet". Your e-book is going to get banned. What you should do is you should  change your -ebooks title and description to something like this... "$2197 Outstanding Online Dating Guide - Only sold to 10 people" or any variation to this. TORRENTS HATE FREE STUFF, so you have to say your e-book was in fact bought for …..$. This will decrease the chance of your torrent being deleted.

You want everyone to know that the e-book WAS NOT FREE, and it costs a lot to get such an exclusive guide. Remember to make up a guru name like "Mr. Pickup".

Step 4:
Start with torrent submission to top torrent sites, p2p like limewire, rapidshare, fileserve, megashare forums (this works very well) and finally private torrent sites (if you have access to them).

Step 5:
Change few sentences or paragraphs in your dating e-book, and change your title to something different. But the main content and affiliate link remains the same. Repeat Step 4.

Step 6:
Repeat Step 5 and 4 every few days.

Step 7:
Watch your affiliate sales skyrocket. 

Here are few additional tips

These are the affiliates I recommend

#1 - Iwantu

By far my best performing dating site, choose the Pay per Profile for starters and once you see more and more traffic, start using the Pay per Signup campaign instead.

#2 - AdultFriendFinder

My second favourite affiliate site, only Pay Per Order is worth using.



When I started earning money with this method, I did not mention the cost of the e-book (newbie mistake), I earned around $600+ in total on both dating sites. I sent only three variations of my e-book out, and although successful, torrent sites banned me pretty quickly. However, even after few months I'm still seeing traffic from these three e-books today.

Thought about it, changed my titles to "paid", used new proxies, posted them about once per two days, saw profits come in like crazy.

USE META REFRESH REDIRECTS TO CLOAK YOUR LINKS. That way affiliates will not ban you. 

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You can use this money making technique for various different niches:

we go on Mininova and search for a torrent that's not about dating at all. Find an ebook, lets say on TCP/IP, or something that's got 5k+ downloads. Sometimes you'll see all 10 ebooks uploaded by the same guy (darksiderg or something) copy his ebooks and put them in a .rar or .zip. Add or dating ebook as the "bonus" ebook and if you get 10 ebooks on top 10 you should get something!


How about mixing it up a bit:

  • Getting a few dozen twitter feeds going under female pen-names with nice pictures and what-not.
  • Making a "hook and bait" website where horny teenage lads can download this book after reading some made up blog,
  • Submitting the book to free ebook publishing sites
  • Linking to your blog with a proper SEO campaign
  • Having facebook pages for these "made up horny chicks" or "lads who know the secrets of how to get laid"

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