Giant Trance 2015 Review

Giant Trance 2015 Review

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Another of my toy. I just love this bike, Giant Trance 2015. I was deciding for almost one year on which bike to buy. Finally i decided I should go for Giant. 

I never had a full suspension bike before. but I just love it. It is perfect for regular road, forest, bumps, jumps. Just throw anything in front of this bike, it will handle it. It is build from very hing end parts, Fox suspension. I really love this suspension for god sake. It is just amazing. You can drive over any hole in the road, and you will not feel anything. 

Before I remember on my old bike, I was screaming ouchhh when I drove into a small hole. I could feel every freaking hole. But not with this bike. THe ride is smooth. And it looks great, handles great, is not a heavy bike. 

Just run into shop and buy yourself a Trance Giant...but be sure to get version 2, do not go for version 3, which has worse suspension and other cheap parts. And do not go for advanced version or version 1 or 1.5

Even though I did not test other versions of Giant Trance bike....I would say this bike is a perfect ration of price and functionality and fun.