In February 2011 I made......

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Thu, 17/03/2011 - 05:01 -- Jack

I have decided to post each month how much I made. In February I earned 3720 USD, pretty good right? Enough to live like a king here in Thailand. Remember, nothing can stop you to reach your dreams. Everybody can do it. It is just a question if you want to make money and relax. Not work so much, go to the beach every day, sip on a cocktail and lie on the beach whenever you want. I need IPAD 2, I already have beautiful sandy tropic beach. I will shoot some video in the following days. Guys just tell me your opinions. Do you want me to shoot only the surroundings, or do you want me to talk too, teach you how to make money, give you some travel tips. Come on guys, I need some feedback.

tropical beach, my home, make money and just relax and lie on the beach
my friends from Bali monkey forrest
The world is a big place, too big!
just chilling out with my friend buddha


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