Earn At Least $100 A Day – Perfect For Beginners

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Mon, 26/12/2011 - 19:46 -- Jack

This is a very simple and effective technique for making money from referrals.You can outsource the whole process to India if that is what you want.

1) Find your niche. It can be dog training, make money from home, craigslist…. Doesn't really matter what it is, but preferably something very  popular where there will always be buyers and a variety of products to choose from. You can also try weight loss.  Then check affiliate sites and find the product that fits your niche. Clickbank should fit perfectly for this task.

2) Create a review blog. It is better to use the real domain than host it on Google, wordpress…. Otherwise it can be flagged as spam. You can buy .info domain for 1 USD for first year and test the whole thing out. Make your site in Wordpress (WP has thousands of  "review" themes out there) and add reviews of 3-5 popular products (it's best if they are already popular - you'll see why in a bit). You should make them sound like real reviews. You could also go down the route of the personal blog - "I tried this weight loss drink pills and lost …. in  2 weeks". Most things will work - just test different niches and different blog setups. You need to cloak your affiliate links and make sure they track correctly. If you're lazy, you can just rip reviews from some top review sites – but because it is just copied content, you will most likely not rank for same keywords. I suggest to rewrite top articles for that niche. Rewrite other competitors reviews sites, that rank in top 10 of Google. …

3) Use Google Alerts for the following:

[product name] - for each different product you have reviewed

[your niche]

[competitor products]

[anything else that's relevant]

4) Check your Google  Alerts regularly (you will get email from Google each time there is alert – set this up under G alert admin).

5) If you've chosen a niche that is popular enough, you should get a lot of alerts like this. Usually you will get press releases, blog posts, forum posts so just make a note of all the URLs. If you're not getting at least 100 alerts per day, add some other products or find a new niche. The idea behind using Google Alerts is that you are one of the first people to comment on a forum thread/blog post and therefore will get more clicks.

6) Visit every URL and respond in some way to the post. If it's a blog, comment with a link to your site. If it's a forum (ideal) then do the same. Put some thought into your posts.

Don't just write "go to my site here  xxx.com". 

Something like "I always check out this website before buying any products in [niche name] - [website link]. My personal favorite is [product A - a random product from the review site] because [-----, -------, ------]."

Soon you will learn how to get past forum moderators if you are clever about it. Forums are great as they will get you instant traffic and they tend to rank really well.

7) Repeat the whole process


very simple and effective technique for making money from referrals

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