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This is definitive and simple way to earn money. It is not a scam at all, just doing the right thing for the right niche. You know companies are loaded with money. Especially the big dogs. So if you can do something that benefits for that company, you deserve to get paid. 4000 usd per month is nothing for a big dawg. And with that cash you can really do some work. You can outsource content writing, link building, but doing the main work yourself.

And you will have enough money too to buy all the main seo programs that you need or seo services. These days, everybody wants money. It is not like 10 years ago, when a lot of stuff was free.

So lets get to the business, how to catch a big dawg company in your net and do business with.

SEO is the word. Of course you need to study it, and know what you are doing, don’t just go out there and scam people. That is bad karma.

So first get a good knowledge about seo, there is a lot of good materials out there. But in general, seo is pretty much the same as it was 10 years ago, with some changes……

So you need to update your seo knowledge all the time. That is your job as a seo expert.

This technique is outside the box. But it works every time.

You will learn how to ask for money……I will teach you right now.


Focus on companies with deep pockets….

So we need to get a client that will pay us the same day, no letters, we need immediate response.

You should pick the few niches, with the big dawgs, that are loaded with money. I will not tell you what niche I am using, you have to research that on your own. You basically want a business, that can easily spend 2000-4000 usd per month for SEO, if they will get few new clients each month. There are many companies like that. 4000 usd is nothing for them, if you bring them benefits. And you will do that.

So we did some keyword research and every company who is listed  on first page #2 on down is a potential client. This is what I did…

I used seomoz on page report for each site. We found many with poor ratings. (I signed up for 90 days trial). SO meanwhile I was running the seomoz on those site, I started calling them one by one, the ones with bad page scores of course.

And I said something like this:

Hi, my name is  ____. I am calling from ______. I really need to speak to the person in your company who is responsible of your website - there is a huge problem with your site"

(in 90% cases their reply is usually "oh, wait a minute please, I will connect you to our webmaster....." and they take the bait and get the correct person on the phone)

So the person picks up the phone and introduces himself and ask me how they can help. I reply:

Hi there, my name is ______ and I'm calling from________ right here in town. We are a web design and seo company and we just finished consultation with one of your competitors and while we were looking at their competitors, we noticed your site and during the evaluation found few serious errors on your site. These errors can really hurt your search ranking in search engines, and decrease your traffic.

Usually we never call any competitors of our clients, but we did not engage our client, because they did not have a budget to afford our services.

(this is a trick - it got them curious – they were thinking, our competitor could not afford their services, I wonder how much do you charge for your SEO? How much does it cost. )

Then you invite them to your office:

You can always stop by our office and we can explain these critical issues with your, that are dangerously impacting your website traffic and performance.

So some of them come the same day, some decline our offer. It is just a numbers game, you can’t give up.

SO if they come to your office, just generate some pdf from SEO moz report of their site, be careful to remove the seomoz logo, and use your own. Remove anything that is related with seomoz.

The pdf need to look professional like you made it on your own. You can print it out in color for more ye appeal.


It is always easier to sell to someone when they are sitting in your office. You have them in your corner, sitting there. Now you can go together over the pdf report you just printed. At the same time, open their site on your computer. Show them everything that is wrong with their site, but also make some good remarks about their site. The goal here is to get them to sign up for SEO and redesign. Always explain on how you will improve their site.


So you can contract not just for SEO but also for web design.

After the site review, open the google in browser and show them how they rank for specific keywords.

After reviewing the site pull up google and show them where they rank for some keywords, you need to do a research before they come to your office. The trick is to find the keywords where they rank to close to the top and instances where you are familiar with other websites that are outranking them. This is where the big dawg starts to get hungry and salivates…pure magic..

So to make them sign up, throw out some comments that will make them even more interested, like for example, company that is outranking you has better seo, they are CRUSHING IT…Have you visited their office on a Friday night? So many people still there, they must EARN SO MUCH MONEY….

Make them salivate even further, make them want you BAD!

So explain to them that it would be favorable to do on page seo, to fix the problem, and redesign their site and to build a new site that will be optimized for specific keywords.

So they are sitting in your office and want more traffic, more clients, better performance of their site. Now tell them how much you charge for your services…..

I signed 2 contracts, 3000 usd for a redesign, plus 2000 usd per month just for seo….2 companies signed on the spot. So that is 10000 usd right there, Easy done it.

Many companies declined our offer, because they did not have a budget. But these 2 clients, will be happy paying you, as long as they see progress.

Besides earning 10000 usd for that month, we got additional 4000 usd each month for SEO.

Lessons for you to lean:

KNOW YOUR NICHE MARKET! – when you study competition and throw out info about client competition, can you easier close that sale.

TARGET THE BIG DAWGS – there are lots of companies with money to spend, just research your market.

ACT LIKE A PROFESIONAL! – make a professional presentation that makes you look like a pro and you will get the appropriate check.


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