Durian Fruit, How To Open It Properly And Which Are My Favorite Thailand Fruits

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I just recorded this video today where you can see how to open durian fruit, some call it the king of all fruits. It tastes quite good. It does not smell at all. It has a specific smell, some say it smells like old socks, but that is just not true. Maybe they ate old durian, that was rotten inside.  


Durian, in fact, smells very nice, and it tasted good too. I used to eat it everyday. However, it kind of gets boring. Many Thai people eat it regularly. It is high caloric fruit, and some say, it can be dangerous if consumed in large quantities.  

Nothing bad happened to me. It is raw, natural food. I doubt somebody can get sick from this. Better keep away from hamburgers and fast food than from durian.

It tasted like, hmmm. I can’t describe the taste, in fact. It has a unique taste. You need to try it. Don’t base your experience upon tasting in back home in Europe, or USA, because you need to taste it fresh.  

My favourite Thai fruits  

Mango or Ma-Muang is my favorite fruit here in Thailand, and in the first month of the year, it is, in fact, the mango season. January, February, there is abundance of mangos in Thailand. And it tastes so amazing. You need to get fresh,  just ripe fruit. If it has black marks on the skin, it will not taste that good, also if it is too soft, it will  not taste that good. Just pick a ripe, and still kind of hard fruit. But not too hard. Be careful not to eat green mangos, opt for yellow ones.
 thailand mango tastes amazing

Pome Granate, also called granate apple is one of my favorite fruits. OMG, this taste so good! I brought 2 kilos of pomegranate to my room every day, when in season. The season for Pome Granate is in December, so eat it then. We have this fruit in Europe too, but not in abundance. However, here, it tastes so amazing!


Another great fruit is sapodilla or La-Moot.  This taste great too. And it is very cheap too.  

Then we have coconuts of course. 50 cents per piece. Just astounding! What I do is add ice cubes, and cut some lime, and you get an astonishing drink.

coconuts thai

I love also tamarind, but be careful of ants. Also longan is pretty cool, but I ate it too much one time, so I can’t eat it anymore. You need to try Guava. However, be careful because it has hard seeds inside, and you can easily lose your tooth, or chip it at least.  

I love lychee, but could not find it in local markets yet.

About bananas, they are also great, but I found out that there were worms inside when I bought them in Krabi city.

What I do is make smoothies, mix banana, ice cubes, mango… or pineapple plus banana….

mango in thailand
Guava Thai, watch your teeth
thai fruits


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