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Fuji Restaurant Chain Bangkok Thailand

Fuji Restaurant Chain Bangkok Thailand

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Food Taste: 
Food Presentation: 
Staff Friendliness: 
Place Cleanliness: 
Food Cleanliness: 
Value For Money: 
Cost For 1 Person: 
Around $13 for few dishes
Would You Come Back: 

This is anther great restaurant, that you shouldn't miss. It is a restaurant chain that you can find around every corner. Usually it is in same location as MK Restaurant. Great food, I usually eat miso soup, vegetarian sushi rolls, avocado salad, potato fried stuff, I can't remember what they call it. Also you should try strawberry smoothie. It is really good. 

It is pretty expensive, if you go there with a girl who is very hungry, you can easily drop $40 for two persons. Much more expensive then MK.

But very clean and high quality food.