Zevera.com Review 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Zevera - Save Money - SCAM

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Here is my review of zevera.com.  Zevera is a new system that allows you to download files from many different sharing hosts and save money. You don't need to buy different sharing hosts like turbobit, uploading, hotfile etc. to download all their files. Now you just need to buy zevera.com account and download from them all.  Before you had to spend a lot of money buying different sharing hosts accounts. You can save money and just buy one sharing host account.

But that is just theory how it should work. In fact it is far from doing what zevera claims.

First of all, all downloads stop at 98%, 99% and never finish. Some finish, but that is rare. They have limit on all premium accounts, like netload, uploaded, The only account that kind of works is uploaded. But that one is heavinly capped and limited. So you never are able to download files.

Here are 6 reasons why you should NEVER buy Zevera  account today

  1. it is not cheap, €10 per month, same if you buy netload, uploaded account - BETTER OPTION
  2. you can't download from many hosting accounts, they claim you can download from 20 different hosters, in fact only 1 or 2 SOMETIMES WORK
  3. fast download from different sharing hosts, I get over 400 kB per second download speed, BUT IT STOPS at 99% and never finishes
  4. affiliate account is a scam, I earned 10 usd in few days, then only 3 usd in like 7 months, and I am in top 5 google searches for ZEVERA
  6. They lie you that nobody buys through your affiliate, I am sure they do but they keep the money
  7. They never refund the money, they just delay it so it is too late to claim it






This is my 100% honest review. 

So if you are looking for perfect solution for downloading files, don't use zevera.com.

Stop wasting your time with individual ZEVERA; IT IS A SCAM

Click here and visit uploaded.com for more info, which is a much better alternative



Zevera is definately not working anymore. I promoted the service for over 1 year now. I get hits each day. And in 1 week I earned 3 commissions few months back when I started. Now I haven't earned any commissions in few months I believe strongly that this is a huge scam, both for affiliates and also users.

The bloody thing does not work at all. Downloads keeps stopping at 99%, and never finish. THat is super frustrating. I use to dl in Thailand before, it worked quite well, because internet provider blocked all torrents.

Now I am in Brazil, where the pipes are open, and ZEVERA is rubbish. I bought it this month again, because I was not satisfied with torrents, and 90% of downloads never finish. Waste of your money. They lie how they integrate several prime account companies like netload, turbobit, but theses companies all have limits. And my downloads never finish.

I will never buy Zevera account again. It is complete RUBBISH. Stay away from this fallen company. The boss is some Hungary woman, obviously does not know how to manage this company. I do not get any replies from support. I guess the woman 


Affiliate manager from Zevera contacted me to kind of remove this post, that it is not true. But these are real experiences from people from this site. So later on he started posting positive comments himself. I think the only positive comment about Zevera is one, and is posted today 20th jan 2015 by himself. The truth is if you offer horrible support to people, and do not refund them it is very bad for your business. Come on, what normal person would belive that you get 100 hosters for the price of 1. That is why it does not work. Affilaite manager told me that he will give me access to Zevera free. I asked for 1 year access to reall test it. And he says no, he only give access for few days. Nothing has changed.  Avoid.




Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Zevera is a HORRIBLE multihoster. they have a"hoster status" page that supposedly shows which hosters are currently available. this page has never been true, they seem to update it only after there are multiple complaints about that hoster not working, they do not monitor which websites work and which dont. if your thinking about getting a zevera preimum account because of how many hoster they support, DON'T its a scam. the reliability of this site is about 20%, so 80% of the time it does not work.

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Submitted by Jack on
I agree with you partly. But I am using it for three months now. Not perfect a lot of limits of downloads with different hosters. But I predominantly use only 3 hosters, if one does not work, the other probably is. So I switch and try several hosters with zevera. Still better then forking out like 4x the ammount of money and buying 4 different hosting account. With zevera you don't have to deal with scammy turbo bit and still can download sometimes.

Submitted by Terry (not verified) on
I would advise against buying Zevera as iv'e had nothing but trouble with it. It didn't work from the very start, after making contact with the Zevera seller i got no satisfaction what so ever re the problems. I have since removed it but lost money as the seller would not refund. My advice .. if it will not work you will NOT get a refund.

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Submitted by Jack on
they did not refund you? that is bad! You have to tweak the settings dude. Jetdownloader is crap, use idm it works fine for me, it should work for you too, I tested it in Europe, Thailand and Brazil

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Submitted by Jack on
I dont know why I even promote zevera, I earned like 15 USD, from 2600 articles views, lame if somebody buys it through my link, please tell me so I can check if I really got commission or not

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Zevera is a HORRIBLE multihoster. they have a”hoster status” page that supposedly shows which hosters are currently available. this page has never been true, they seem to update it only after there are multiple complaints about that hoster not working, they do not monitor which websites work and which dont. if your thinking about getting a zevera preimum account because of how many hoster they support, DON’T its a scam. the reliability of this site is about 5%, so 95% of the time it does not work. DO NOT BUY ZEVERA PREMIUM, THEY LIE ABOUT HOSTER SUPPORT AND DELTE AND COMPLAINING ON FORUMS

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Submitted by Jack on
Yes I agree, maybe 20 % of sites are working. But I just copy and paste multiple links from multiple hosters and put them in to rapidlink converter and then add to IDM piece of cake I am a member fo r liek 3 months, after the fall of fileserve. and I love it!!!

Submitted by Mark (not verified) on
Barely works most of the time, most of the site hit limits or are off line, even though the download links work perfectly when not using Zevera. Start using a particular download provider, and it will most likely go down after your 4th or 5th download. Really a waste of money and time trying to download the same file multiple times. Great if it worked, but bottom line you are probably throwing your money away. If it is too good to be true, it is probably a lie.

Yeah, we steal our affiliates... that explains why we work with all major players around like avaxhome, rlslog, heroturko and wrzko(former oneddl)..... yeah we are a dead service.... surely that explains why i am here responding to this shit.....sure it is zevera's fault that your site is crap and did not produce hits! and finally: zevera is owned by a hungarian woman.... spot on man!!! NOT!

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Submitted by Jack on
your service is complete crap. Only 2 or 3 premium account work SOMETIME!!! The rest is shit. Yes RLSlog earns commison, of course they will promote crap like yours. People just buy individual account like uploaded.com for example you can dl almost everyting, Never buy this crap, only uploaded works sometimes, with other premium zevera "supports" they timout of it does not work. AND THEY NEVER GIVE YOU MONEY BACK, NEVER THEY SHOULD SAY WE SUPPORT ONLY UPLOADED.com AND EVE THAT ONE WORKS ONLY SOMETIMES So people if you want to download without worries, just buy individual accounts, stay away from ZEVERA They stole my affiliate commison, I get at least 10 hits per day for Zevera,and I earned only 9 bucks in the period of 5 months. And all those 9 months, came from 3 commissions that happend in 1 week, and who will believe that all my earnings came from 1 week and I promoted tis crap for 20 weeks, They are a big CHEAT company

If we cheated our affiliates we would not be able to cooperate with rlslog heroturko avaxhome wrzko and all the big players.... you probably know SHIT about promoting a service.... as it appears you dont know SHIT about anything!!! As i stated before: Any LEGIT users out there that have doubts simply contact us and ask for a trial... tha would put your mind at easy.... now DROP DEAD!

Submitted by Robin (not verified) on
if THIS is the way ZEVERA answers or reply SO RUDELY to other people IN THE OPEN, then i DO believe the "moaning" customers...as this way of replying is in no way Professional...just my 2cents...

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Submitted by Jack on
every legit company would give refunds, Zevera does not, they just delay the thing, and if you dl more than 5 gb you dont get refund, real refund is 30 days, these scammers try to get out through tricks.

Submitted by Nick (not verified) on
Guys, Just do not waste your money on Zevera, bought it for a month (luckily), i was not able to finish download even one movie.... not even one! downaload finishes at 99%, host errors, or suddenly (in the middle of the file) asking me for premium account??!!! ah, forget about any refunds!, be warned!

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Submitted by Jack on
Yes that is what I am saying, it stops @ 99%, because that is a protection that premium account companies use and Zevera fucks up. THis is the biggest BOGUS company I have ever come across. You will only need one premium account, Zevera maybe start downloading from 2 premium account companies like netload, uploaded, forget about others, they never work. This is pure money stealing crap company. Your downloads will stop at 99%. And if you have uploaded.net account for example, you need to restart that link and then continue with IDM program, otherwise you will never be able to dl it. Buy individual account please!!!! Stay away from this garbage!!!! Zevera sucks, they terminated my account after I started posting the truth here. Such scumbags, and they swear and curse me out on this blog. Fucke them

Submitted by FUCK ZEVERA (not verified) on
Zevera is a shit service run by a bunch of kids. Terrible reliability, non existent customer service and jet downloader they make you use is a turd. The company employees (whom I imagine to be a couple of nerd virgins) are constantly seen around the internet making pathetic attempts at damage control often culminating in the thread being locked, or the zevera employee having a breakdown and swearing themselves silly Dear zevera: fuck you up your fucking punk goof asses you scammer pieces of shit!

Submitted by amen brotha (not verified) on
Couldn't have said it better myself ZEVERA FUCKING SUCKS - SAVE YOUR MONEY

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on
> now DROP DEAD! I bet you say that to all your customers.

Submitted by Paul (not verified) on
Sent an email to customer service requesting a refund. Email has some of the header in Greek. Not so Hungarian, after all. Card was charged to some place in Arizona, the charge back capital of America.

Submitted by Mal (not verified) on
I was just about to invest some money in a Zevera account and was concerned at what people had said on here and was having second thoughts. Then I saw Zevera's response to every one's concerns and that made my mind up. Thanks for this page. It's saved me losing my money to a scammer.

Submitted by Abdul (not verified) on
Hi all, I wish I have seen this page before I had subscribed at Zevera, since I have subscribed I was not able at all to download files from my favorite hosts, and every time I try a massage appeares saying the system is not available now.

Submitted by steve (not verified) on
seems to work for me in the uk filepost ,netload ,uploaded, rapidgator sometimes just wish that extabit wasn't capded and that they increased the limits for keep2share and luckyshare and datafile as sadly they rarely work

Submitted by mastermind (not verified) on
Imo it's ok too - I tried out four different multihosters up until now. My first was premiumize.me which was awesome for a few years and always worked. But then they lost uploaded (it's back again now but with horribly small DL limits) and their support is basically non-existent. So, unfortunately their service is BS now. After that I searched for a new Multihoster. A "review" site (probably just there for getting affiliate clicks) recommended zevera, putdrive, linksnappy and mydownloader. I tried out the first three. Putdrive and Linksnappy were horrible. With the latter I didn't have one succesful download with a major hoster and not much more with putdrive. Zevera is the multihoster I then stayed with. It's not perfect. E.g. Turbobit has already been offline for two days now and sometimes their proxy also doesn't work when a hoster is online in which case I have to retry the link a few times (at least on my iPad. On my PC with JDownloader this issue is much rarer) BUT if online about 80 % of the downloads work at the first attempt. No matter if uploaded, turbobit, netload, filefactory, etc. It's not perfect, yes, but it's also by far not as bad as this article is implying (for example, I never encountered this 98, 99% issue). I've downloaded 100's of GB with zevera as of now and recently renewed my account for the 4th time. As long as it works like this I'm gonna stick with it. Premiumize.me always was 100% reliable with full speed in its good times, so I was a little spoiled. But despite some issues every now and then zevera is much better than all other multihosters I've tried after the downfall of premiumize and for what I'm getting it definitely beats having to pay for 3 or 4 one-click-hoster accounts.

Submitted by GARY B (not verified) on
I told them nothing works through their Jetloader. They reply " what file and link are you trying to download" I said none of them work. The program shows ZERO movement. NO REPLY BACK. And your right about the MULTI HOSTING b.s.. If you dont have a premium accounts most of them either crawl because youre a free user or they dont connect at all. My uploaded.net files download through Jdownloader but its a premium account. Has nothing to do with the SCAM B.S. from Zevera. NOT HAPPY. Wish i found this page before i gave my money. I should file for refund through paypal.

Submitted by George (not verified) on
I have create and account payed with 10 euro pay safe card they money went to there account but i never get the 50GB i ordered. Also i send an email to the support team but netver get a reply. Go away for that site or you will loose your money.

Submitted by Judith (not verified) on
It simply DOES NOT WORK. Their JetDownloader program (they call it "the world fastest downloader" is just a piece of software from a layman, no professional programmer!). Only 1 of their 60 or so server companies sometimes let you download a piece, slow, unreliable. Several show "the selected hoster is temporarily inactive" for like 2 months now. Do yourself a big favor and NEVER buy a premium account with them! It's a scam and a rip-off, nothing else

Submitted by BJ (not verified) on
I thought i would risk it and try a one month account. Within ten minutes (after trying three or so of the hosts and getting error messages) i formed the opinion that Zevera is a f**king waste of money. So any other people out there considering it........DON'T be as stupid as me!

Submitted by Mark (not verified) on
ZEVERA.com is A SCAM site. Nothing works as it should. I can't download a file after buying a premium account. Most servers DO NOT WORK for many days. Their money back guarantee is a OVERT LIE. I did everything to get a refund, but they refused, even though I was qualified for the refund according to their policy. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SERVICE, AND DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Submitted by MorkySnerd (not verified) on
You have to know how to use Zevera. Some sites Netload, iflitcher will either go very slow or stop at 99 or earlier. Some sites have been offline for many months as of this writing: ryushare, filefactory, ultramegabit (wish I had them). BUT, if you use various sites you can get what you want. mulitupload uses filerio, uppit, lumfile, crocko and others. Upoaded and the common ones work most of the time. I use cloudizer and bayfiles a lot. All good. The problem is: no updates of the hoster list for long periods of time. But you can get the files you want if you have the time. It's far from perfect but works.

Submitted by AK (not verified) on
Like many other users, I wish I do my homework and found this forum before committing to Zevera. In comparison to most, one could argue that I don't have as much reason to complain as I am usually able to download I'd say 50-75% of my downloads. However I was very dismayed to learn that while they do offer many hosts, the ones that I naturally use frequently are never available such as keep2share and oteload. It puzzles me when it says beside every host (even the ones that are down) that there is excellent service. Well that's lie #1. I tried to bring this to the attention of the support and as already noted, they have decided my concern is not worth their time. They seem to pick and choose who to respond to and usually it is just to tell people that certain links work when they clearly do not. They also advertise that they offer additional support beyond e-mail, but when you click said link it just directs you back to the support page, lie #2. The hit limits are erratic and inconsistent and naturally there is nothing zevera does to address this. I have never been able to download a file directly, so that would be lie #3. Jet Downloader has worked and I guess I should be grateful that it has worked for me better than others but had I come across this page, I wouldn't have made the foolish decision to purchase an account with Zevera. They really should be shutdown because they are simply duping people and there should be something that can be done because all Zevera amounts to is bogus claims, non existent support, and poor service.

I agree with you, Zevera is the worst systems that I ever saw ! Besides this, it are BIG liars, promissing you the heaven on Earth, but you receive nothing as crap and not working downloadings. Unfortunately I was so stupid to trust them and paid for 1 year. I tried to get my money back after a few days but their refund service is the same misery, they do´nt even answered after several requests to be paid back. The only thing I hope that they close as soon as possible their doors so that other people become no victims of their horrible scam. Zevera ... NEVER MORE !!!

Submitted by Jake Scott (not verified) on
If you want some "proper" alternatives, then I'd say that AllDebrid and Real-Debrid are better choices. Google them.

Submitted by mrtp (not verified) on
I read many comments about zevera (all seem to be bad) but still decided to give them a go when they had the offer to buy 100GB of downloads for the price of 50 GB.So far i have downloaded approx 47 GB without any problems at all. Registering was simple,download speeds were good and so far everything i have tried to download has downloaded. I usually download with JDownloader as i do not rate Jet Downloader but up to now i would rate Zevera quite highly .Maybe i'm just lucky but to me they perform no better or worse than any other similar site.

Submitted by John Hall (not verified) on
There was a time Zevera did work ok but lately it is just timeout hell. I usually have to have 6 downloads going in the hope that at least one of them will complete. All the decent filehosts aren't available most of the time and you get to choose from a bunch of piddly filehosts with unreliable speed and connection. So frustrating and a waste of money!

Submitted by Mark Spears (not verified) on
Zevera works fine for me. If I have a problem with a download, their support team is quick to respond. I have installed Jet Downloader, as recommended, and it lives up to its name. I suspect those having problems with downloads completing have not installed JD, but rather rely on the Microsoft utility built into IE. I have subscribed to Uploaded in the past, and found downloads from that site to be agonizingly slow 90% of the time. Fess up, critics. Install JD and tell me what happens.

Submitted by YS (not verified) on
I subscripted a 30 days package and the only hosters that I used upstored.net is down. I ask for a refund and but they refused. they asked me to wait to the Technical team to resolve the issue and have the cheek to told me that it is not their responsible if the hoster band their data centre. I consider this as daily light robbery. You can earn my USD15 for 1 month subscription, but I won't be using your service any more. The "Money-back grantee" is just a marketing gimmick. Below is the reply from their technical team This hoster is banning our datacenter and our developers are trying to find a solution. Thank you for your patience as we do not hold any responsibility if a hoster has decided to ban our datacenter.

Submitted by Kowasky (not verified) on
Trying to download grom Keep2share, Uploaded.mer and Rapidgator... every time I got "Host of line, try later...." SCAM SITE

Submitted by Bart (not verified) on
I regret myself a thousand million times to not see these reports before. I subscribed for the 365 days in march 2014 at Zevera and three days after I requested a refund because their services are bullshit. They did not refund me and they do not reply to our messages. They act like THIEVES of the worst specie. Don´t be FOOLED with ZEVERA.COM services, the simply pretend you in every aspec. It is SHAME, at least for me that was fooled by them.

Submitted by Geoffrey Ekongot (not verified) on
I paid for a Zevera account and it has never worked. I even tried the Jet downloader but have never got any success. I wrote to them and complained and never got any feedback.

Submitted by Kurniawan (not verified) on
Zevera is a bullcrap and TOTAL SCAM.

Ok ya ya Zervera is total crap and all. My question is why r people so dumb and keep signing up for zevera when there are other multihosters that r legit and work extremely well compared to this.....why do ppl even talk about zevera? If u want multihosters that u actually get ur moneys worth, all a person needs is 1 or 2 of these 3...... Real-Debrid (biggest,best) PremiumMax (A bit smaller but still works great overall) OLget (Site is in hibernation right now, back soon. But when site is up this site is also a winner) Ive used all 3 with very few issues.....and if there r issues the support for these 3 is great! So please people stop giving zevera even a thought and open ur eyes.....there r multihosters that work....great!

Submitted by pappa (not verified) on
agree with.. they have no support. for me 99.9% time not work any host... they are doing nasty business with people.. i will never ever use that and not recommend anyone. also if any one want to buy i will stop them

Submitted by Richd0g (not verified) on
So they tried to recruit me, i run an affiliate sharing website which is starting to grow and they found me, very happy i read this before making any moves, i clearly won't be getting into any business with them, i'm currently earning well on my current affiliates but it sounded tempting giving my users a complete solution to download from everything, but like always when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. thanks.

Submitted by James Dean (not verified) on
There is currently big measures taken to report them to authorities. They won't last.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
ZEVERA is a fucking bullshit, the motherfucking scam! You, motherfucking Zevera motherfuckers, whoever the fuck you fucking are, YOU ARE GONNA FUCKING DIE FOR THIS FUCKING zevera SCAM. Motherfuckeeerrrsss...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Zevera BLOWS!

Submitted by Robert Martin (not verified) on
I have not tried Zevera but after reading so many negative reviews why would anyone bother. Too many people experience the same problems. The responses given by Zevera , unbelievable and unprofessional. ......it must be a Duck....or a SCAM?

Submitted by Darren (not verified) on
Saw their offer, currently with rpnet.biz who are fantastic (they do downloads, proxy services and VPN all for one low price) and thought I would see what reviews say about zevera.. Well I'm not jumping or adding them to my download services any time soon..

Submitted by James Dean (not verified) on
Zevera is a *SCAM* They cheat you by randomly interrupting all your downloads, forcing you to download them again, consuming more bandwidth. It only works 20-30% of the time when you generate links and click to download, otherwise it times out or takes forever.......once download starts it is so slow, and 2/3 of the time it will interrupt download before it is finished. SCAM ! They also are running a scheme with payment processors when you buy hosting it is not marked as hosting but takes you to a FAKE e-commerce page ! they are concealing they are selling file hosting.; STAY AWAY FROM THE SCAM. Real-Debrid is an even worse SCAM run by fucking french assholes, 99% of their hosters is always offline. ZEVERA and DEBRID are SCAM


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