The best health niches are? I need to build new website with appropriate niche to earn more money

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Mon, 01/04/2013 - 10:36 -- Jack

I was just talking with my friends and we were discussing how to make more money online. I have a lot of websites that bring me money each month. I have few websites from health niche; some websites are focused on web design, Photoshop skills.

But we have researched and find out that the health niche is probably the best one. Everybody is concerned about their body, losing weight, fitness, exercise, health and I have never dabbled into the weight loss niche. I have built few websites in weight loss niche for other people  but did not get any reply from my customers.

I don’t know how they convert, how much money they make etc. It is their secrets so I don’t want to push them to reveal their earnings.

But here are a few health niches that are not so oversaturated. I think if you build a website with a niche that am going to mention, you can get some good traffic and earn a lot of money.

  • First niche is fitness and muscle building. You can easily make a website or a blog about protein powders and get an affiliate that sells protein powders.
  • Fake cigarettes. This is a great niche where you can blog about fake cigarettes.
  • Hair loss.Many man and women are obsessed with hair. They spend a lot of money each month for different hair products that work or in most cases don’t work. Still people are buying those products. Here you can create a shop, promote products, promote affiliate products etc.
  • Skin problems. Another interesting niche where you can earn a lot of money and stuff. You can promote acne creams, natural products for your skin.
  • Liver detox. Another great niche for making money online is liver detox. Here you can promote vitamins, health food etc.
  • Snoring problems. A great niche that does not have a lot of competition and people who suffer with this problem would give right hand to fix it. There are many products that you can promote for this niche.
  • Tinnitus. Many people have problems with tinnitus. I have read somewhere that around 15% people suffer with this problem.

So here are a few niches that I will definitely try to promote and I will let you know in the future how it works out.

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