Belkin Surge Protection Crap - My laptop is toasted

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Sat, 18/06/2016 - 18:51 -- Jack

Wow, my laptop broke. I took it to repair service that repairs MSI laptops here in my coutnry. He took apart my laptop and he told me, your motherboard is fried, numerous parts of motherboard went to hell. I asked him why? He told me electric shock. I told him I use FUCKING Belkin SUrge protection adapter on my electric outlet....

He said he does not believe it helped. Now I have to buy a fucking MSI GT70 motherboard. THe sad thing is that they dont even make these boards any more so the guy has to order it from China and get a used one!!!!!

It will cost me 400 usd to repair my GT70, crap of the crap.

I am really pissed. I should have bought ASUS G751 but the freaking thing is too big at the end and I can put it in my luggage.....

So now I am contacting Belkin because they advertise on their boxes how they will cover all your costs if something happens to your device. I am on a chat with Belkin USA and they told me I should call Austrian Belkin. I asked them if they have email from that office of if they could call me. But the support is freakig sluggish, they told me I should call them, They could not even send me the email with all the phone numbers I need to call. 

I said to myself, this is bullshit.....I need to blog about this. I am pretty sure I will not get compensated and that Belkin protection is just another bullshit marketing move. 

Here is teh chat transcript. 

End Chat

Deepika S

Hello Jack. My name is Deepika.
Thank you for choosing Belkin chat support. Is this your first time to contact Belkin or do you have a case number?

1:25:15 PM



1:25:21 PM

i bought this surge master one outlet in local store few years back

1:25:34 PM

Deepika S

How may I help you today?

1:25:36 PM


and now my laptop died

1:25:39 PM

techician told me it was fried from electric shock

1:25:49 PM

and I told him I always use belkin protection for the electric shock

1:26:14 PM

he still claims it was fried

1:26:20 PM

it will cost me 400 usd to repair my laptop

1:26:32 PM

Deepika S

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

1:26:36 PM


what to do, you said you offer warranty

1:26:39 PM

is that really true?

1:26:44 PM

Deepika S

Not to worry, I understand your concern. I'll do my best to assist you with the issue.

1:26:45 PM


i carry this surge all over the world too

1:27:04 PM

Deepika S

Before we proceed, please confirm if the following information is correct so that I can create a case for your issue:
Name: Jack
Phone no.: 32918274657
Location: Austria
Email address: [email protected]

1:27:07 PM


i use it for 3 years now

1:27:15 PM

phone is false

1:27:22 PM

it is xxxxxx

1:27:30 PM

everything else is correct

1:27:37 PM

Deepika S

Thank you for verifying your information.

1:27:51 PM

In order to check the entitlement status of your device can I have the model number and the date of purchase of your product?

1:27:58 PM


you mean the serial from the belkin?

1:28:17 PM

Deepika S

You can see the model number on the product sticker.

1:28:32 PM


i dont know when i bought it

1:28:40 PM

must be 4 , 3 years

1:28:49 PM

who knows

1:28:50 PM

Deepika S

Not the exact date, could you please provide an approximate month or year of purchase?

1:29:50 PM



1:29:53 PM

i really dont know

1:30:00 PM

4 years ago approx

1:30:05 PM

it has german text on it

1:30:29 PM

and also great britain is written on it, main office or soemthing

1:30:53 PM

Deepika S

Thank you for this information.

1:30:57 PM

In this case, I can help you with the Austria support number. So that you can reach them and they can help you further with this.

1:32:03 PM

Our Austria support number is 0820 200 766.

1:32:26 PM


do you have email?

1:32:34 PM

Deepika S

English: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM (CET) Mon – Fri
French: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM (CET) Mon – Fri
German: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM (CET) Mon – Fri

1:32:36 PM


orcan you contact them to contact me?

1:32:49 PM

Deepika S

No, I am not very sure if they have email support.

1:32:52 PM


i dont want to spend my phone to call them

1:33:04 PM

Deepika S

I am sorry Jack, That is not possible.

1:33:12 PM


it is expensive to call to another country

1:33:13 PM

Deepika S

You can reach them.

1:33:21 PM

Please make note of this case number:06617000.

1:33:35 PM


can you send me this info on my email

1:33:38 PM


1:33:43 PM

case id

1:33:44 PM

Deepika S

We do not have email option. Copy this chat and paste it in your notepad or Word.

1:34:33 PM


so you advertise on box how you will cover the costs and you can not even make them to call me?

1:35:41 PM

very bad

1:35:46 PM

not good at all

1:35:52 PM

i better blog this

1:36:03 PM

Deepika S

I am really sorry. This is technical support team. For these kind of information you need to contact our customer support team number.

1:36:55 PM

As I mentioned above, Please do contact our customer support team number and they can help you with this.

1:37:20 PM


why tehre is no slovenian number?

1:37:43 PM

Deepika S

1:38:14 PM

Please check this link.

1:38:23 PM

We have support number for these countries.

1:38:46 PM

I do apologies for the inconvenience it might caused you.

1:39:06 PM

Are we connected?

1:43:59 PM

Are we still connected?

1:46:34 PM


I am just blogging aboutthis

1:46:51 PM

sorry for wait

1:46:55 PM

lets see how you will solve this problem or is it just a hype

1:47:07 PM

Deepika S

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

1:47:27 PM

Please do contact our customer support team for this issue.

1:47:42 PM


making so many typos because I have to use some old raggetylaptop now

1:47:54 PM

Deepika S

They can definitely help you with this issue.


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