Asics Gel Noosa 7 Review

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Tue, 05/03/2013 - 07:43 -- Jack

I mean what a SHOE!!!!  In the past I wore many different sports shoes, predominately Nike or Adidas, before even Rebook, but I never tried Asics. I loved Adidas superstar because they were cool kind of. But they felt like leather bricks. Then there were Nike's shoes. I bought the most expensive pair of shoes in the store, around 100 EUR in Malaysia, but they were like awful to wear. I must say my foot is not strange or anything. I have a normal foot shape. But those Nike shoes were just killing me. I could wore them only for like 30 minutes, then my front fingers would start to hurt because the damn shoes was so badly designed. 

But ASICS NOOSA GEL , this is my favorite shoe ever! I have never wanted to make a shoe review, but these babies deserve it!!

I wear 44 size, 10 USA I think, and the shoe fits like a glove. At first I thought that I bought them too small, because my front thumb only on the left foot felt pressure. I was freaking out that I had to go bigger. But I wore them 2 times and they fit like a glow. THey kind of resized. This shoe is so well designed. Everybody is looking at my shoes, some girl even took picture of my feet. They feel soft, and I am not lying, when I run before my feet always hurt. But with these babies, I can run, walk without any pain in my feet. 

It is just amazing. If I were the NIKE owner, I would shut down that damn company. The shoes that they make just SUCK!! Same goes for ADIDAS, I tried the new version of ADIDAS they had, and felt really light, but NOOSA colors won me over. 

I was afraid that NOOSA is only pretty. But no!! The shoe really feels comfortable. I have never wore something so perfect on my feet. I am tired walking in flipflops, I dont even want to talk about Chuck ALl Stars, they fill like having 2 bricks on your feet, what a god damn horrible shoe!


But Asics is the best shoe I ever wore. They were really cheap, around 90 bucks or something. I just ordered ASICS NOOSA 8 so I will test them out too. 

QUALITY OF BUILD                                  9/10
COMFORT WEARING THEM                   9/10
ENDURANCE                                            9/10
STYLE                                                         10/10
WOW FACTOR                                          10/10
OVERAL SCORE                                       10/10

Buy a pair, you will never regret it I promise you that. They are perfect for everything you do, hiking, running, walking.... Say goodbye to pain, tiredness, now I love running!! them here on AMAZON

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