Are Thai Girls To Be Trusted?

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Sun, 16/09/2012 - 09:30 -- Jack

I would say, do not be a fool. I have been is many, many relationships with Thai girls. However, the latest relationship tops it all. It did not hurt me much, because I was not that in love. The girl was just a regular girl in Pattaya, nothing special, not really beautiful, but cute. I say ok I will maybe try to go slow and see how it goes. I liked here personality a lot. She was kind and I was thinking that I can trust her, that she is a good girl. However, I was so wrong.

She slept over only one time. I just did not want to advance so fast. I said to myself, I will wait and let's see. Maybe in six months time we would move in together. Her heart was in the right place I thought.

However, that spark, it just was not there. Maybe because I always date really hot girls, and she was not that dandy, who knows. I told that to my dad, and he said perhaps try with not the best looker. They have good hearts, will love you more!

He wasn't right.

I went home to Europe and then jumped to Brazil. I am still in Brazil and we talk pretty much every day over skype. I was many times really annoyed because she bugged me so much each day. I was just lazy to write back etc.

However, suddenly she became kind of cold, and I asked her what is wrong. She said not to get angry. I am pregnant she said. I was freaking out. I hope I am not the father.

I asked her who is the father? I did not expect her to cheat me when I was away. And she said her ex-boyfriend.  He impregnated her and ran away. The guy is married anyway. He was shagging her while I was in Brazil big time. I am ok with that. Nevertheless, she would never admit that to me. I asked her many times about being honest and faithful to me. She always said she does not have any man. I really thought this girl was honest. I had a hotter girl before her, that I knew could get any man, but not this one. She was not that hot any ways.

I mean these girls are so stupid. They pop out these kids like a machine. They don't wear protection and clearly don't care what happens to their kids.

Now what will happen is that the baby will be fatherless, because the ex-boyfriend  is gone, disappeared, and is married anyway. The baby will be motherless too, because she will come back to Pattaya to work, and the baby will stay with her mom.

You see this is how it works in Thailand. Many moms just don't care about the baby. Some don't want them and ship them to momma. Some can't because they don't have money.

Nevertheless, thank god, I was not the father. So I am single again, dunno for how long, probably not for long.

I am good at getting the girls, but long-term relationship always kind of scares me, I get bored with the woman pretty quick and always look for a new one. But this girl just presented new experience in my life.

Thank god this relationship resolved this way.

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